About Us

The success of our community here at Key Recovery Homes is due to our combination of community building and new habit-forming structure. In between the treatment program and the self-reliant sober house lies the transitional design of Key Recovery Homes. Our guests are given enough independence to practice their recovery skills within a ‘real world’ environment while receiving the support they need to sustain their new sobriety.

Here at Key Recovery Homes, we seek to help those in early recovery regain their purpose in life. Our structured community helps nurture self-esteem and returns a sense of well-being and order to our residents’ lives. Enabling a transition from treatment programs to independent living, Key Recovery Homes assists in the development of new skills, habits and friendships, allowing them to succeed in their recovery. Throughout their stay, our guests improve the quality of their lives, the strength of their sobriety, their overall health, their financial independence and their relationships with friends and family.

Our staff is comprised of highly motivated, compassionate team members – each bringing their own experiences and personal recovery stories to Key Recovery Homes - creating a model recovery program.

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Key Recovery provides a safe, sober, structured, environment which allows our guests to live in a family oriented community.

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